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Here at Honed, we want to normalise Counselling and make it as accessible to you as possible!

Counselling is a safe, confidential, judgement-free space for you to explore whatever you would like to bring to the room. 

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and is directed by what you would like to explore.

Together you'll set a goal or goals together that you would like to achieve.

Then the Therapist will give you a number of 'tools' you can use together in the room collaboratively. Simple!

...and that's it! No mysteries. Just a professional to help you work through your worries, challenges or problems in a beautiful, comfortable space.

With our in house Counsellor Ruth having 10 years of mental health experience with children and young people, as well as additional accredited qualifications in Play Therapy, Honed also cater to children and young people (12+) using a Pluralistic Framework which includes Play Therapy and Creative Interventions alongside her usual package of Person Centred, CFT, TA, Solution Focused, and Positive Psychology Work.